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Coding & Developer

Coding and development courses teach programming languages, web and software development, database management, and application creation. Students learn to code, design user interfaces, and build functional, responsive websites and applications.

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Svelte Crash Course through Projects w/ Backend Connections...

By : Dr. Mohammed Nauman

Learn Svelte through 2 Projects (includes Reactivity, Components, Backend Connectivit...

4.8 106

2:7:31 hrs 20 lectures   All Level


Julia Programming Language - From Zero to Hero...

By : Dr. Mohammed Nauman

Learn the Next Gen Language for Data Science, Machine Learning and Numerical Computin...

4.8 132

3:31:39 hrs 23 lectures   All Level


Probability / Stats: Machine Learning Foundations...

By : Dr. Mohammed Nauman

Real-world, code-oriented learning for programmers to use prob/stats in all of CS, Da...

4.5 134

6:37:37 hrs 32 lectures   All Level


Elixir and Phoenix: Real World Functional Programming...

By : Dr. Mohammed Nauman

The Next Generation Functional Programming Language and Web Framework (includes Phoen...

4.5 75

3:10:5 hrs 42 lectures   All Level


HTML5 and CSS3: Larn how to design and build websites...

By : Omolu Osivue Christopher

HTML5 and CSS3: learn how to design and build websites...

4.5 106

5:30:4 hrs 43 lectures   All Level


Automation with Ansible & AWX Course ...

By : TechLatest .Net

Mastering IT Cloud Infrastructure Automation and Orchestration with Ansible AWX(Ansib...

4.8 254

1:59:42 hrs 11 lectures   All Level


Unleash your Creativity with Stable Diffusion AI...

By : TechLatest .Net

comprehensive course to learn Stable Diffusion covering Automatic1111 UI, API, Contro...

4.8 280

1:60:32 hrs 14 lectures   All Level


DanswerAI: GPT to Chat & Query your own data...

By : TechLatest .Net

Knowledge Generation & Retrieval with Danswer using LLMs & Generative AI...

4.8 255

1:43:8 hrs 9 lectures   All Level


Multiuser Python Jupyter Notebooks for Gen AI, ML & DS...

By : TechLatest .Net

Harnessing the Power of JupyterHub for Generative AI, ML & Data Science...

4.8 248

2:8:37 hrs 11 lectures   All Level

  • What coding and developer courses do you offer?

    We offer a variety of coding and developer courses covering languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java, web development, mobile app development, and more. Check our course catalog for details.

  • Do I receive a certificate upon completing a coding course?

    Yes, successful completion of a coding course results in a certificate. It's a valuable credential for your coding skills.

  • Is there a difference between a coder and a programmer?

    Although the main activity for both coders and programmers is coding, programmers typically have a more complex set of tasks they need to perform. Coders usually solely write application code in the programming language they are instructed to, whereas programmers also need to create software functions, develop automation logic and solve various problems.

  • How do you choose between two courses?

    Choosing between two courses can be a daunting task, but the "joblearn" approach is a great strategy. Consider which course aligns better with the skills required for the jobs or clients you aspire to work with.

  • Are there opportunities for real-world projects or portfolio building in the coding and development course?

    Practical experience is invaluable in the coding and development field. Asking about hands-on projects, coding challenges, or the chance to build a portfolio can provide insight into how well the course prepares students for real-world applications of their coding skills.

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